Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Handy Shop

I couldn't decide whether to post this or not as I'm sure you've all got better things to do than read about what I had for tea, anyway on balance I decided to go for it as if anyone is ever in the vicinity of Helston, there is the slim chance they may remember and check out the delights of a little known tea emporium called the Handy Shop. Its at a village called Sithney. I must stress you must not go there if you are on a diet due to the copious amounts of clotted cream, lets just say they don't skimp. I hadn't been there for about 20 years and little had changed. I'm sure the lady who runs it is the very same one. She is Cornwall's answer to Mrs Doyle from Father Ted. The appeal of this tea room for me is that in many ways it is the antithesis of places like Costa and Starbucks. I don't think overpriced poncey latte was an option on the menu. (probably best to stick to the tea). The cream tea is the thing to go for. Fresh,warm scones, piles of cream and jam...yum. And that's not all - this place also has a small selection of second hand books and a very small model village and railway complete with gnome display. So a winner on several scores!

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