Saturday, 6 August 2011

As I was going to St.Ives....

...I thought I would pop into the Tate. There's an interesting installation by Martin Creed there at the moment. He has filled a large area with white balloons ( about 10feet deep).When you go in to the area you are surrounded in all directions by them. Before you go in they ask if you suffer from claustrophobia or similar. Yeah, Yeah, health and safety gone mad I thought, and plunged in. I have to say, it really was quite an experience! You get disorientated very quickly as everything looks the same. Its quite hard to find your way out and you have to fumble around until you reach a wall to get any idea of orientation. On top of that all the static makes your hair stand on end and you emerge looking like a crazed loony! Oh and the beach there's not bad once you've done the balloons.

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