Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Bunny

I was extremely excited last week when I heard that I had won a Tweed Bunny purse in a giveaway over at the linen cat blog. The said bunny arrived very swiftly despite the snow and I must say it was a real joy to receive. These bunnies are quality items with amazing attention to detail-beautifully packaged as well. I had wanted one for a while, so it was an early Christmas prezzie.It also coincides with a bit of a tweed craze currently going on in this household. 'Im indoors has recently purchased a couple of tweed jackets on ebay. The jackets are made of Harris tweed and the history of Harris tweed is quite interesting - we watched a TV documentary about it a year or so ago. It also goes back to Rick's ancestral roots as his one half of his family originates from there.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Spamtastic Day

I must admit I do like a bit of kitsch now and again and at one time owned a collection of snow domes, which I have a bit of a penchant for. I inadvertently stumbled across this one which made me smile. When I first saw it I thought it was a joke but it seems like its a real item that you can actually buy here. Its what I think of as a classic snowdome in terms of shape and format. Looking through the rest of the website which is strangely captivating, it seems that spam consumption is alive and well. It has a fan club as well as a museum. You can even listen to a charming country and western ditty called "Pam don't take my Spam" So, if you're ever at a loose end in Austin, Minnesota you'll know where to go. Personally, I can't believe people still eat it and I certainly haven't touched it since the dreaded spam fritters (yes - deep fried spam in batter) were force fed to me at school . Just as well Jamie Oliver didn't exist then.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nice Type

Here are a few more matchbox labels from eastern Europe.These always make me want to rush out and do some screen printing! I seem to be having trouble with focusing on things for longer than about 5 seconds though at the moment. I keep having more and more ideas and as a result I'm probably spreading myself a bit too thinly. And with the Christmas headless chicken factor thrown in its all getting a bit frenzied. When I look at some people's blogs they seem mega-organised and focused. However, out of the chaos things will emerge. (I hope).