Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Some Nice Drawings

You can't beat a bit of children's art can you? These are from a book I picked up a while ago from a charity shop. The book seems to be aimed at art teachers in schools and there's lots of nice examples.The book itself was printed in the 60s and I think it was probably published in Germany originally. As you can see there's a fine example of some boys on swings wearing leiderhosen!
The trees drawings remind me a lot of Bryan Pearce's work. (He was one of those Cornish outsider art types from St.Ives).

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Quirky Ice Cream

I do like this sign which is displayed at Swanpool Beach cafe. The quirky ice creams consist of large scoops of cornish ice cream which are then covered in suicidal amounts of clotted cream and then they are topped with sweeties of various kinds. I'm sure I have some more photos of handpainted signs here in Falmouth. I will try and dig them out.