Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Bunny

I was extremely excited last week when I heard that I had won a Tweed Bunny purse in a giveaway over at the linen cat blog. The said bunny arrived very swiftly despite the snow and I must say it was a real joy to receive. These bunnies are quality items with amazing attention to detail-beautifully packaged as well. I had wanted one for a while, so it was an early Christmas prezzie.It also coincides with a bit of a tweed craze currently going on in this household. 'Im indoors has recently purchased a couple of tweed jackets on ebay. The jackets are made of Harris tweed and the history of Harris tweed is quite interesting - we watched a TV documentary about it a year or so ago. It also goes back to Rick's ancestral roots as his one half of his family originates from there.


  1. Hi Sheila, thanks for posting about the purse, I'm so pleased it arrived safely. I have just noticed - doh! - that I've sent you the wrong one, did I include the wrong card as well? and I tripple checked, must be loosing my marbles. I'm popping a little something extra in the post as an apology, hope you like it :) Bethx

  2. No, the card was the correct one. The bunny has been the envy of everyone over Christmas! Thanks again.