Friday, 1 April 2011

Signs of the Times

One of the benefits of living almost on the doorstep of an art college is that I can sneak into some of the events and talks that they have on. Last week I was quite excited to see that Bob and Roberta Smith was giving a talk. Bob and Roberta are, in fact, one person. I have been familiar with some of his/their work for a while as it sometimes would be visible in the environs of Hackney. I'm sure there used to be a bit of his work up near the junction of Hackney Road and Bethnal Green Road. Anyway,the work appeals to me as it doesn't take itself too seriously- it has a sense of humour and also because I just happen to like hand painted signs and typography. I hadn't realised that his work crosses boundaries into other areas such as performance, installation and music. The talk was entertaining and at times perhaps a little "random".It included elements of audience participation.For example,one student played the tune of three blind mice on a toy xylophone whilst the rest of the lecture theatre was divided into halves, pantomine style, for a sing-song on the theme of fruit and vegetables! Meanwhile a film featuring Bob going on a bike ride wearing a chain-mail outfit played on a screen in the background. All part of life's rich tapestry...

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  1. This work is great, have just spent 1o mins trying to read them all on my tiny screen - great sense of humour & fantastic type/colours too.