Monday, 28 February 2011

Fab Fabric

Since the arrival of my sewing machine at Christmas, I have become a bit of a fabric junkie. I cannot stop buying the stuff and will quite happily spend hours trawling the internet for "finds".
Lord knows, we'll be drowning in cushions soon, if it continues. Anyway my latest fabric fix came in the form of these 1950s style fabrics . I even visited a real shop to get them when in London last weekend. I think they are actual 50s designs which have been re-released by John Lewis.

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  1. hey Sheila. These are great! I noticed the beige version has been remaindered in John Lewis Brent X a while back! Have you seen these 50s inspired fabrics, from Sanderson.

    Remind me of the seating fabric on London Underground. We're trying to work out, where we could use them!