Saturday, 21 August 2010

Trevarno Vintage Soap Collection

Are you a soap fan? If so maybe you should visit the soap museum at Trevarno near Helston in Cornwall. However, I don't mean Corrie or Eastenders, rather the stuff you wash with. - Its quite small (not much bigger than a garage in fact) but has a good array of vintage packaging and other soap related items.

Some of my favorites are the soaps in the shapes of animals, T.V. and cartoon characters. Who can resist Pobble with the big toes, even though he looks like he is straining to deposit something rather unsavory on his box.

Beware the red -eyed poodle!

A doll a having a bath.

I can only assume that these are some kind of sock and shirt shaping devices.

Trevarno is a good place to visit even if you're not so keen on soap. Actually, the soap museum is really a kind of side-line thing. The Trevarno estate mainly consists of the gardens with peacocks and good children's play area. Its one of the lesser known Cornish gardens so usually relatively tranquil except when there's a special event on.


  1. fab packaging! Definitely looks worth a visit next time I'm in Cornwall...nice to discover your blog btw, looks like we have similar tastes in old graphics and ephemera:)

  2. Glad you like it! Trevarno also has a toy museum which I intend to blog about soon - watch this space!